Why dark chocolate is good for our brain

A new study by experts at the University of Glasgow shows that a single chocolate has a direct effect on the brain, reducing the risk of suffering a stroke.

Several earlier studies have shown that dark chocolate, eaten in moderation, can have beneficial effects on health. The latest study was published in the scientific journal Neurology and shows for the first time how chocolate affects blood vessels.

Glasgow University researchers measured the speed of blood flowing through the largest artery in the brain while volunteers ate chocolate lying.

Specialists have discovered that chocolate has an effect on the level of carbon dioxide affects the blood vessels, improving blood flow and damaging brain cells.
“Eating regular chocolate tablets was associated with a change in the stiffness of the blood vessels. The data suggest that chocolate has a direct effect on blood vessels in the brain. The finding suggests that a compound in chocolate has a direct impact on blood vessels. This is plausible because chocolate has flavonoids molecules, “said Professor Matthew Walters, who led the study.

“We believe that reducing the risk of stroke due to chocolate, which changes how they behave blood vessels in the brain,” said Professor.

Flavonoids, which are found beneficial substances in cocoa plants are antioxidants that help prevent heart disease.

Experts warn that many chocolate bars contain high amounts of sugar and fat, which can cause obesity that is a risk factor for stroke. For this reason, Professor Tom Solomon, a specialist in neurology at the University of Liverpool, points out that “we must look at the results of this study with caution”.