Brain new capacities and experiences

New research suggests that we could learn complex tasks by submitting only a minimal conscious effort, like Neo in the Matrix as he did.

The problem, however, is that unlike Neo, we can become masters of martial arts by directly inserting the information in the brain. We must exert effort and sacrifice time to develop new skills.

Researchers at Boston University, in collaboration with Japan’s ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories have developed a method called functional magnetic resonance decoded neurofeedback. This process induces activation model pre-registered in certain visual areas of the visual cortex, areas that could produce that pattern of brain activity in normal learning processes.

Subsequently, scientists have conducted tests to see if repeating patterns fRMN causing visual features improved performance.

The results of experiments have successfully demonstrated that the visual cortex of a person’s functional magnetic resonance can be used to send business models that match a previously known state. Moreover, behavioral data obtained before and after neurofeedback exercises showed improved visual performance, particularly when the subject was not aware of the nature of the information they learned.

Soon we will be able to install in the new brain capacities and experiences

In conclusion, there is a possibility in the future to use such technology to learn to play the piano, reduce mental stress or even to be able to practice martial arts without making much effort.