SETI gives up search for extraterrestrial life due to the lack of money

A bad news for those passionate about astronomy and the search for life on other planets: SETI Institute from California, Allen Telescope operating system, announced it could not continue the search for extraterrestrial life, like a result of reduced spending by the U.S. government.

Made famous in the movie Contact, SETI Institute used many giant antennas, to explore the sky in search of signs that could have an extraterrestrial origin.

SETI gives up search for extraterrestrial life, due to the lack of money

SETI gives up search for extraterrestrial life, due to the lack of money

SETI Institute scientists argue that stopping work comes in the worst moment because this year’s Kepler space telescope has detected more than 1,200 planets that have potential for extraterrestrial life, including dozens seem to have size and optimal temperature to support living organisms.

“It is ironic that when we discovered many planets with extraordinary potential we do not have the resources to analyze signals that originate from them, ” said SETI Director Jill Tarter.

SETI officials have announced that they will continue, however, the project through which ordinary citizens can contribute with their processing power of computers to process collected data, called SetiQuest Explorer.

Responsible institute does not abandon the fight, hoping to convince other government agency to take SETI operating costs, estimated at $ 5 million for the next two years.