Red wine component reservatol counteract effects of sedentary lifestyle

Healthy component of wine, resveratrol, may counteract the adverse effects of space flight on humans or sedentary lifestyle.

A new study published in FASEB Journal suggests that a daily intake of resveratrol prevents the adverse effects of simulated weightlessness on muscles and bone metabolism.

The report describes a series of experiments on rats with simulated weightlessness in a space flight. Test group that received resveratrol did not develop insulin resistance or loss of bone mineral density such as one who did not receive resveratrol.

“There is undeniable evidence showing that human body needs physical activity, but for some of us, providing this activity is not easy. A reduced gravity environment makes that this being almost impossible for the astronauts.

But here on Earth, barriers to physical activity are just as challenging, whether it is a sickness, an injury or a desk job. Resveratrol is not a substitute for exercise, but may slow the deterioration of the musculoskeletal system until the person can start again to move, “said Gerald Weissmann, editor in chief of The FASEB Journal.

Scientists studied rats that were placed in conditions of weightlessness by tail suspension (not using hind legs) and had given resveratrol daily. The control group showed a reduction in the muscle solar muscle mass, bone mineral density and breaking strength, but also developed insulin resistance.

Besides, the study also revealed that resveratrol acts to prevent atrophy due to inactivity and that it could prevent the negative consequences of a sedentary lifestyle.

If the resveratrol supplements are not your taste, there is a convenient alternative: red wine.