Less than 1,000 days, NASA will send a robot to the moon

U.S. space agency NASA has announced plans to send a robot to the moon – an operation that will cost three times less than a manned mission similar. NASA engineers claim that, more than 1,000 days, are able to build and launch into space, bound for the moon, an intelligent humanoid robot.

A robotic mission to the Moon would cost 200 million dollars – designing, building and testing robots – plus 250 million dollars to build and launch the rocket ship and will lead the robot on Earth’s natural satellite. A substantially lower amount than 150 billion dollars, similar to how much a manned mission. NASA engineers hope that the prospect of an intelligent robot, one month to explore, to inspire a new generation of scientists, just as Apollo did, 40 years ago.

Project M – as is called a NASA program to send robots into space missions – is considered an act of “guerrilla” NASA engineers, given that U.S. officials, led by President Barack Obama stopped Constallation program, which follow return American astronauts to the moon.

In this context, tomorrow, on November 4, NASA will launch mission STS-133: Shuttle Discovery will carry the International Space Station (ISS) and EXPRESS Logistics Module Leonardo stiintifc Carriers. Unique to this mission is that SSI will wear and Robonaut humanoid robot 2 (R-2), developed by NASA and General Motors, a robot that will become a permanent resident of the outpost in space.

2 is the first humanoid robot Robonaut to go into space and its mission will be space station maintenance. R-2 project has cost so far $ 9 million, and the robot’s activity will be closely monitored by NASA and U.S. officials, the R-2’s success depends in large measure, the entire future of Project M.