IRX Therapeutics Announces New Research Collaboration

IRX Therapeutics, a developer of immune therapies to make cancer treatments better, announced today it has signed a research collaboration agreement with one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical companies.

In this collaboration, tumor specimens from subjects treated with IRX-2 and control subjects will be analyzed by the collaborating company using gene analysis technology in order to characterize the action of IRX-2 immunotherapy at the molecular level. The goal is to assess the potential effects of IRX-2 on the tumor microenvironment.

IRX Therapeutics performed a multi-center Phase 2 clinical trial that enrolled patients with newly diagnosed head & neck squamous cell cancer who received IRX-2 immunotherapy prior to surgery.

“This is a great opportunity for IRX Therapeutics to work with one of the leading developers of cancer therapies to further our understanding of the action of our novel immunomodulator, IRX-2. We are hopeful that these studies will further evidence the potential of IRX-2 to effect an immune based attack on a cancer patient’s tumor,” said John W. Hadden II, President and CEO of IRX Therapeutics.

IRX’s lead product candidate, IRX-2, is designed to broadly restore the immune system. This primary cell-derived biologic seeks to overcome cancer–induced immune suppression and restore anti-tumor response, vital steps in successfully treating cancer. The IRX-2 immunomodulator includes multiple cytokine components that work to activate different arms of the immune system.