Image survelliance of african widelife using small drone

Flying devices equipped with video cameras capable of capturing and transmitting moving images to a command centerno longer are, for some time, a novelty in the sphere of technology. Uses, however, are multiple and have the ability to surprise through inventiveness and utility.

So the German manufacturer Microdones surveillance robots, used a drone, a model md4-1000, to film all sorts of African wildlife in the Masai Mara region, located in Serengeti. The images obtained are impressive in quality and perspective, and could pave the way for an efficient new technique for monitoring wildlife.

Small surveillance drone low noise, are ideal to penetrate into areas where people can not and African reserves are not an exception. In addition, the animals look pretty indifferent to the indiscretion of small devices, which can be much less invasive than, for example, terrain vehicles.