How do you get rid of a song that has stuck in my head? Scientists have a solution

We’ve been through this unpleasant experience: a song that is “infiltrating” our minds and continually repeats without it to eliminate. Now, scientists say they have found a solution that can get rid of “music torture”.

Researchers say that the best way we can get rid of this problem is difficult to solve some anagrams. Experts say that this will help eliminate annoying song memory function, allowing their replacement by other more pleasant thoughts.

However, experts warn not to try anything too difficult because we risk the songs back into my mind. If you are not willing to wear after your card anagrams, experts recommend a good novel.

“The key is to identify something that is challenging but not extremely difficult,” said Dr. Ira Hyman, a psychologist at Western Washington University who carried out this research. “If you are involved cognitive, this limits the ability of annoying songs enters your mind,” says Hyman.

How do you get rid of a song that has stuck in my head Scientists have a solution

“The things we can control, such as driving or walking, do not use full cognitive resources so that enough space remains for” stereo “mentally disturb us,” explains the expert.

“If you do something too hard, however, the brain will not be captured, and music can return. Need to identify a good challenge, why not give too much mental space available. Challenges vary from person to person, “said Dr. Hyman.

The team led by Dr. Hyman has conducted a series of tests on volunteers using popular songs to see how they remain “stuck” in long-term memory.

Volunteers listened to different songs of The Beatles, Lady Gaga and BeyoncĂ© while trying to solve a maze with a pencil drawing on a sheet of paper. Researchers have discovered that they can “schedule” so songs in the minds of the participants, who were to be repeated on the next day.

Next, the researchers tested whether solving anagrams or of Sudoku games helps reduce “songs in mind.”

The results showed that games Sudoku can prevent “songs in mind”, but if games were too difficult songs volunteers continued to recover in mind.

Anagrams achieved a higher success rate, and the five letters formed words were the most effective.

‘Verbal tasks, such as solving anagrams or reading a good novel, seem to be very effective in removing tracks of your mind, “said Dr. Hyman, who now plans to use similar techniques to see if they are useful in avoiding negative thoughts caused by other anxiety or obsessions.

“Choruses of songs tend to remain in the mind because they are party songs we know best, but we do not know all the lyrics by heart. Thus, the song remains unfinished and incomplete thoughts have a better chance to return our mind, “said the specialist.