Determine others to be honest

Bright light makes people honest, altruistic, less selfish and makes them behave ethically, new research suggests. The study found that people in brightly lit rooms are donating more than those who sit in a room with dim light and is also more willing to help others.

Scientists have conducted a series of experiments in which study participants were asked to sit in different light rooms: 12, 8 and four fluorescent lamps.

How can we determine the others to be honest

In one experiment, subjects (both men and women) were told that participating in a game that involves dividing the money between them while a stranger was seated in an adjacent room. The results showed that people who were the most dominant in bright rooms offered 15% more money than those in a moderately lit room, and 30 percent more than those in the least-lit room.

Also, the rate of the honesty of the brightly lit room was 85.2%, while the individual, placed in a bright room of 70.4 percent was moderate. By comparison, those in the dimly lit room had a level of honesty of only 51.9 percent.