The animal was discovered in the mines in South Africa. Cylindrical worm can survive in water at 48 degrees. The discovery has astonished scientists who until now believed that only single-celled bacteria lives in deep. The researchers said that this worm is the only known living multicellular creature that lives in the depths.

Researchers have discovered two species of worms. One is a new species for researchers, which have called Halicephalobus Mephisto. The second is a species known cylindrical worm, Plectus Aquatilis.

So far, in the depths of the earth have been discovered only unicellular organisms such as bacteria and fungi.

Underworld is only accessible to researchers in several places on the planet, where the mining and drilling is needed to reach more than 3 km deep. Researchers took advantage of the benefits offered by Beatrix and Driefontein, two gold mines from South Africa, and placed the filters by passing hundreds of liters of groundwater.

First creature that survives in the underground world
First creature that survives in the underground world

In these samples, typically, researchers found bacteria so that the worm was a surprise. “The worm seems able to survive with very little oxygen, 1% from the amount found in the oceans, ” said Tullis Onstott, Priceton University in the USA.