Children, radiation and mobiles

According to a new scientific report on the safety of mobile phones, a child’s brain can absorb up to two times more radiation than an adult brain.

The news is no surprise: in May, the World Health Organization with the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified radio frequencies official electromagnetic fields used by mobile phones as carcinogenic to humans – although this has been widely debated.

It’s no secret that mobile phones can be dangerous for children, but no one can say exactly why. However, new research tells us that children are at risk of absorbing more radiation than adults.

The new report shows that the radiation of mobile phones on which children are exposed has been highly underestimated. Why? For certification of cellular processes using tests that are intended for adults, not children. Although a cell phone could pass as safe for use by an adult, product certification does not take into account the small size of a child.

Certification tests using a plastic model of a head, called the Specific Anthropomorphic Mannequin (SAM). The head is the size of an adult and, therefore, underestimates the rate of absorption Specifies test (SAR) for a child as a head exposed to radio frequency lower than that of an anthropomorphic model will generate a greater absorption of SAR. For example, say researchers SAR for a child of 10 years is up to 153% higher than the SAR for the SAM model.

Moreover, a child has a thinner skull, bone marrow absorption rate are ten times greater than that of adults.

The report calls for further testing protocols of mobile phones to consider different ways of using the phone, head size and tissue properties.