Borrow books from the library

Until recently, reading in bed seemed to be a relaxing activity and risk-free. Recently, however, emerged seemingly harmless hobby that can cause many problems.

The reason? Bed bugs. These insects feed on blood have discovered a new method that was traveling from one bed to another, using library books. Bugs and their eggs are hidden between the covers of these books, and night out and find a new home. Soon, fans were part of the adventure and reading outside the imagination.

In the United States, growing number of libraries are facing this difficult problem. Many enthusiasts have given up reading books borrowed from libraries, which have been reported hundreds of cases of bed bugs spread this way. John Furman, the owner of a company specialized in eliminating bed bugs, says that some customers have purchased a portable radiator Packt entitled to “fry” any borrowed book brings before bed.

There is no doubt – in recent years there were more cases where bed bugs are found in libraries. For this reason, some libraries have begun to heat-treat books returned by customers. Other institutions have resorted to some dogs can detect bed bugs by smell.

However, some cases reported by customers is increasing. “It saddens me that. It’s like going to the beach and you see a shark beside you, “said Nicole Gustas. Gustas used to borrow 3-4 books a week but withdrew after he noticed a bug coming from a copy of the book “True Blood” during reading.