Anti-hangover patch – you tinker invention after a prolonged party

Created by American plastic surgeon, patch – support its inventor, Dr. Leonard Grossman – works like vitamin infusions administered in cases of alcohol intoxication (minus those), the body providing a combination of vitamins and fatty substances intended to replace lost body due to alcohol intake.

Despite that it is not supported by medical societies, Bytox Hangover Prevention Patch is successful in the market, because consumers who have tried to argue that it was useful.

Users are advised to attach the patch to 45 minutes onwards to grab a drink and let him until the next day or at least eight hours after they have stopped drinking.

Dr. Grossman says that the ingredients – vitamins A, B, D, E, folic acid, acai fruit extract (fruit a South American palm species rich in antioxidants) – are being gradually released into the bloodstream, the duration of use alcohol, helping the body recover faster.

However, he added, the patch does not prevent intoxication or drunken behavior.

Anti-hangover patch - you tinker invention after a prolonged party

Ben Redhead, site manager Firebox, which patch is marketed in the UK, said the company was not in any way encourage excessive consumption of alcohol, but that using the patch would help the national economy since it implied fewer absences from work due to a hangover.