The Evolution Of Business Through The Centuries

The business world has progressed from the oldest profession to government taxes and enterprises since the beginning of time. There are wealthy men in the Bible, and their occupations have expanded over the years to include every industry you can imagine. There was a time when a rich man owned land, but that land has been transformed into a new industry that serves millions of people.

This article explores the evolution of business since the beginning of recorded history, and you will see how manufacturers started small and expanded across history.


Land And Agriculture

Landowners have used their properties for agriculture and livestock through the ages, and there is money to be made from both enterprises. An owner can sell crops for profit, and livestock can produce milk, meat, and fur for the local population. The wealthy business people in the Bible will make money by selling to the people in their communities, and their businesses were stable as long as their land was working.

Agriculture exists today, and farms around the world sell to the public for a profit. A small farm can make money using a small patch of land, but a large commercial farm will make as much money as the wealthy landowners a few centuries ago. Agricultural businesses use more technology in today’s world, but the concepts are similar. Every innovation allows farmers to do their work faster, and every advancement from the cotton gin to the tractor has helped speed up food production.

The same can be said for livestock farms that must butcher or milk their animals. Technology aids to milk cows much faster, and technology expedites the butchering process. Butchering is complicated, and butchers of antiquity spent days at a time preparing the meat they sold. Butchers of today get the work done in a fraction of the time using technology.

We irrigate our fields using hoses that are fed from miles away, and precise reservoir pumps help to feed a large farm from a single source. The business of agriculture has not changed in centuries, but the technology we use has sped up the industry on the whole. We can send food around the world using technology, but the farmers make the same profits they did in the old days.


Discovering New Industries

New industries are found every day, and businessmen are creating businesses to meet new demands. The first person who found oil created the oil industry by selling to their community and the first grocery store was a place where people could buy groceries quickly. Businessmen took advantage of the industry, and stores were born around the world.

We are discovering new industries every day that require workers, leaders, and new technologies. The industries help to create their technology, and industries create business for people around the world. You can see the business community expand every day, and the expansion that you see comes from some different sources. People find an opportunity, and a new company is born. The cell phone industry was born because someone saw an opportunity, and the computer industry was created by people who thought we could have computers in our homes.

Airlines were established almost as soon as someone learned how to fly, and the food service industry was created when local restaurants beyond family homes. You can take an opportunity yourself, and you may create a business will support your family for decades to come. Watch as companies rise all around you, and the most successful businesses are based on an opportunity that serves the community.


How Do We Deal With Money?

Money is a creation that is centuries old. There has been a need for money throughout the course of history, and people have used the money to form their societies. Taxes were instituted when rulers learned that they could take money from their populations, and written records helped to create more taxes. Money has come in the form of rocks, sand dollars, silver coins, gold coins, copper coins and many other precious items that societies deemed to be valuable.

We use paper currency and coins in today’s world, and the establishment determines how much our money is worth. Businesses are fighting to make as much money as possible, and there are industries created every day to make more money for their leaders. Everyone in the world needs money to propel forward, and businesses are founded daily to help people make their own money.

Employees are paid wages to perform their duties, and dividends from the companies are divided among executives. We have operated using this system since the beginning of time, and the system has not changed much. You can start a business today, and you will earn dividends from your initial investment. Companies change every day, but the way we make money has not changed.


How Are Businesses Interconnected?

Businesses are interconnected in many ways that are hidden and exposed. Companies serve each other every day, and businesses make money from each other with their own services. The firms that were founded in the time of the Old Testament were interconnected with one another. The richest people in the world were sharing business with one another, and their families began to intermarry.

The wealthiest families in Europe continued the tradition, and their money was invested in the most lucrative businesses in the world. The rich continued to get richer, and the money that was shared helped to support some of the largest corporations in the world. Royal families in Europe made most of their money from investment dividends, and the Royals of the Old Testament did much the same.

Businesses are interconnected with governments via contracts and guarantees. The government makes money from taxes on businesses, and businesses make money from large government contracts. A large company hires smaller subcontractors to complete work, and several companies benefit from one project.

Imagine how much is required to build a cellular phone. The screen is made by one company, the body by another, the processor by another and the wiring by another. Many small businesses come together to make a cornucopia of parts that is called a cell phone. You use your cell phone every day without a thought, but many people made money from the production of your one phone.

Oil companies make billions from oil sales, but other businesses build the drills and oil rigs. Helicopter companies make money from flying workers to the rigs for their shifts, and oil tanker companies make money from shipping the oil across the world. A shipyard had to build the oil tanker, and subcontractor helped to make the parts that built the oil tanker. Even the bed you sleep on contains parts from many different companies, and everyone in the process is making money.

The interconnection between businesses gets deeper every day, and you may start your own business to participate in the cycle of the market world. You may make money from larger businesses, or you may sell the products that other companies make. Involved in the cycle of business will help you make a living, but you must participate in the part of the business world that you are most comfortable with.


How Is Technology Changing The Business World?

Technology is changing the business world every day, and we are using technology to maintain the style of business that we are used to. The evolution that you see in the business community comes about mostly through technology. Business technology allows people to work with industries around the world, and the business community is far more expansive than ever before. The kings of the ancient world only knew people who lived a few miles away, but the captains of industry today may work with clients who are halfway across the world.

Technology helps create video conferences between many parties, and phone calls make across the ocean have amazing quality. Mobile applications allow people to keep in touch regardless of time zone or schedule, and mobile applications help people share large documents with a single click. You can see the whole world through your phone, and you may use your phone to exchange information instantly. We do business just as we always did, but we do business faster in today’s world.


How Do We Use Information?

Business information has been floating around for centuries, but information is more available than every before. The ancient kings used spies to gather information, but the information came in slowly over time. Information today is aggregated by big data corporations that will provide you with more information than you could ever read.

Computer programs have been created to help with the evolution of data, and the development of data has brought about information that will tell you all manner of statistics. Sports teams use the development of technology to measure how players perform, and the performance of athletes helps owners make business decisions. You can collect information without hiring a spy, and you can share information with other companies freely.

Companies cooperate in today’s business world to exchange information, and participating activities both make money at the same time. Current business models show companies sharing merchandise with needed people around the world, and there are regular donations made from businesses to charities as part of their business model. Sharing and information happen immediately, and you may work with several different companies at the same time. The evolution of business from a few centuries ago is dramatically different.


Brand Image

Brands in the world today are a relatively new creation. Local businesses were the staple o the old world, but we have seen an evolution to a brand image model. The development of brand image went from a few large companies who used their name to sell products to every business using a logo and slogan. You must create an image for your firm, and you must keep up with the evolution of the marketing world.

The evolution of marketing has brought us to a point where you may create your marketing, and you may bypass the companies that does the marketing for you. Marketing dollars pay for TV and movies, and the evolution of marketing into the digital world alone has made billions of dollars for the industry.


Will We Continue To Evolve?

The world economy will go through an evolution every year with new technology and products that will help you make more money for your company. You can see the evolution of the economy right before your very eyes, and you must keep up with the evolution as it passes through your industry. Companies that choose to live in the past will suffer from a severe lack of customers and brand image after being passed by.

We are evolving every day with new technologies that we cannot see. We assume that everything has stayed the same, but the evolution is going to cause you to make significant changes to your business. Consider the evolution a part of your business plan, and prepare yourself to keep up with the evolution regularly. Your can hire someone to help keep track of changes in the enterprise world, and you will never be caught behind the growth of the market.

The changing business world around us brings about an evolution that makes the ancient times seem as though they occurred on another planet. We do business in the same ways we did centuries ago, but we have added technology to the equation. You can watch the evolution of the business world out your office window, and you can see the evolution on your ledger. Ensure that you are keeping up with the business world every day, and consider where we will be in a century. What we do today will seem ridiculous, and more people will make money from their business pursuits. Our world will go on, but we must keep up while we are here.