Lymphatic massage, perfect for detoxification and health

Lymphatic massage, perfect for detoxification and health

Lymphatic massage must be gentle as an angel wing touches. And then the benefits are exceptional! Some people tell that they have done lymphatic drainage and are afraid of it because it is painful and causes bruising. Wrong! Lymphatic drainage shall not hurt and should not leave bruises. Unless “therapist” likes to play with human health! Lymphatic drainage massage is the most gentle invented.

Here are some advices that I consider are vital. These advices are useful if you decide it’s time to do a detoxification using a lymphatic massage.

  1. Choose carefully the place and therapist. Ask him if he has a specialization in lymphatic massage. There are not many lymphatic drainage specialists but are not so hard to find one. The lymphatic drainage must be correctly done. This is critical because the lymphatic system is the guardian of your health.
  2. Keep in mind that the detoxification through lymphatic massage should be done in 45-50 minutes.
  3. If you feel any pain, get up and leave. Lymph should not be abused in any way. Drainage must be a very gentle and relaxing massage.
  4. Lymphatic drainage done correctly include lymph throughout the body. The exception is the partial drainage, which is only for an area of the body.
  5. Lymphatic drainage is performed manually by a therapist. Don’t be fooled by all the lymphatic drainage made with various devices. It’s a big difference between manual lymph massage and electrostimulated drainage.

When all these conditions are met, you can consider you’re doing the best thing for your health! This massage is the most profound form of detoxifying the body. Everybody should do this type o f massage two times per year.


Because the lymphatic system is the guardian of our health. Lymph is a sponge that collects toxins from the body and destroys bacteria, using white blood cells from the lymph nodes. If you don’t clean the lymph of these toxins:

  • Our body collects more and more water
  • The cells degenerate
  • Your skin is aging
  • Fat cells become inflamed resulting in the appearance of cellulite
  • The immune system becomes weak and vulnerable.

What tangible benefits has lymphatic drainage?

  • Removes toxins from the body
  • reduce fluid retention, i.e., excessive water accumulation in tissues
  • fight cellulite
  • accelerates slimming – by fatty tissue permeability and grease removal dislocated by diet, remodeling  treatments or sport
  • eliminate bloating
  • enhances immunity
  • improves blood circulation
  • improves sleep quality
  • enhances all body functions
  • reduce wrinkles and gives your skin a spectacular look
  • reduces stress and chronic fatigue

Lymphatic massage, perfect for detoxification and health

Who can benefit from lymphatic drainage?

Anyone without serious health problems, male or female, regardless of age.

Drainage has, however, contraindications:

  • oncological disease
  • lymphatic or vascular system diseases
  • pregnancy
  • lactation

If you have a chronic illness, ask the doctor if you can do lymphatic drainage.

What can I eat during a detox diet with lymphatic massage?

Fruits and vegetables are now “masters of” food.salads

  • salads
  • fruits
  • low-fat yogurt
  • grilled chicken or turkey
  • a handful of oleaginous fruits

Do not use fast food, fried food and sweets! In cleaning the toxins, we should eliminate foods that bring toxins.

During detoxification diets, there’s one vital thing: water. Water consumption is necessary, because water is what helps the toxins leave the body. And do not forget: you can reduce fluid retention if you drink water! Although it seems a contradiction, water excess is eliminated, just like that.

There are detox teas that you can use during a lymphatic massage: pineapple tea, burdock, nettle, corn silk, yarrow, bean pods, parsley. But they should not replace water. Teas are diuretics and don’t hydrate the body properly.

How often can I make lymphatic drainage?

We can do two courses per year One course must include at least ten sessions of drainage, with two sessions / week. Careful! Between lymphatic massage sessions must be a break of at least 24 hours. During this break, lymph removes toxins and “calms down”.